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New Hall of Justice, County of Sonoma

The new criminal courthouse will replace dated facilities and provide a modern, secure facility with consolidated court services for the region.

 The new criminal courthouse is located on the Sonoma County Administration Center campus, north of downtown Santa Rosa. The site is just east of the Hall of Justice, on a cleared site where the Old Jail facility was located.

The new courthouse will provide a modern, secure facility with 15 courtrooms totaling 169,147 building gross square feet (BGSF) in the City of Santa Rosa. This high-rise project of six stories above ground and a basement level will replace the existing deficient courthouse and create operational efficiencies and ongoing savings through consolidation of current court services. It will provide centralized criminal, traffic, and juvenile dependency proceedings for the entire county. Project scope includes surface parking for 450 cars plus 20 enclosed secure parking spaces.

The new facility will also include features and services previously unfeasible due to space restrictions, such as appropriately sized jury assembly and deliberation rooms, adequately sized in-custody holding, attorney interview/witness waiting rooms, a children’s waiting room and security entrance screening of all court users.


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